What Is Retinitis Pigmentosis & Can It Be Reversed?

by admin on 19/12/2016

Retinitis Pigmentosis is a disease where the retina stops working (responding to light properly) due to the death of the rods and cones of the eye, and in many cases that wind up full blown, results in blindness.  With Retinitis Pigmentosis, there is a loss of vision overall at different stages and not coming immediately, meaning that there could be a loss of night vision first or peripheral vision second and then central vision until all vision is gone leaving the patient completely blind.

Although there is no “cure”, there are many items that can benefit the overall cellular life of the body, thus may effect the retina positively as well, such as organic strips of Saffron, vitamin A, and having enough Magnesium in your diet.  None of these things are cures, however, every bit of health can only help from any angle of Retinits Pigmentosis.

***Patients suffering from RP should speak with their doctors (Ophthalmic and Regular Physician) prior to starting any natural regimen to be certain that there will be no side effects with usage.


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