Would You Exercise To ENHANCE VISION? It Might Just Work! (Video)

by admin on 19/12/2016

Whole, or total body fitness, is the brand new era we live in.  Everyone wants to eat, drink and live well, and along with that comes getting the right amount of exercise each day.  Exercise in itself works wonders for each individual on several different levels.  It’s even been found that exercise fights even the most devastating diseases such as cancer, therefore, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that that same exercise could potentially enhance eyesight.

According to WomnensFitness.net, it is possible to enhance eyesight through exercise because the muscles and nerves inside the eye that combine with each other to produce visual results need great blood flow in order to function properly.  Sounds like common sense, right?  Well, it’s very true.  There are specific techniques in exercise that help to to relieve the eyes of tension, helping them to relax or even strengthen, and ultimately create better vision.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no need for glasses or that a high minus/plus prescription will disappear.  What it does mean is that it’s possibly another way to enhance the quality of eyesight.  For instance, those who have problems with glare and sit a computer screen much of the day need to take breaks and relieve the tension by choosing a point far away and stare at that point for about ten minutes to relax their ocular muscles before returning to work.

Of course, that is just one example of a simple eye exercise that can conclude with great results while there are plenty of eye exercises for strabismus, floaters and even myopia.  Again, these exercises are meant to strengthen where the eyes are weak.

Consult with your Ophthalmologist for what ocular exercises would be best for your condition prior to giving it a go. Here is a quick peep at The Doctors talking about double vision and Strabismus (start video at 1:16)

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