Anti-Reflective Lenses Still Provide Newer, Better Quality Of Vision!

by admin on 08/04/2009

Find out why anti-reflective lenses will allow patients clearer lenses, thus, better vision overall!

In the past, anti-reflective lenses were the clearest lenses on the market, however, they did have there issues when it came down to keeping the comfort of the patient high.  The issues were with cleaning and scratches.

The vision that patients received was fabulous due to the fact that anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and allow an individual to see better because more light is allowed to enter into the eye as a result of the clarity of the lenses.  What used to be the discouraging part about these excellent lenses is that everything showed up on them such as fingerprints and oils much more than a regular pair of lenses.  This is not a problem anymore!  Anti-reflective lenses have moved up in the world as technology has made these lenses much more efficient when it comes to cleaning and unwanted spots or fingerprints.

Today’s anti-reflective lenses actually repel oils!  A material that some are coated with is called Scotchguard, and this Scotchguard literally guards the clear anti-reflective lens making it super easy to clean and remain that way in comparison to the older anti-reflective.  Because of this simple change, wearers are now fully comfortable with cleaning and using anti-reflective lenses as well as taking photos!  Picture taking is the best thing because there is no awful reflection hiding your face with these lenses at all!

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