How To Choose A Good Pair Of Sunglasses

by admin on 10/06/2011

Learn how to choose a good pair of sunglasses which will not only enhance vision in the sun but also decrease reflective light in the winter!

Many times when people shop for sunglasses, it is for brand and to acquire a stylish look, however, a pair of sunglasses needs to accomplish more than just add to a specific look. Sunglasses need to also help the eyes see better during certain conditions and protect the eyes, so there are some qualities that one needs to look for if going to purchase sunglasses.

Protection From UV Rays And Glare

Sunglasses to block the sun’s harmful UV rays and glare from their peripheral vision are qualities that are a must have when purchasing the best sunglasses for the dollar.  Many times, the temples on some sunglasses are very thin, thus, allowing the sunlight into the very spots that you are attempting to shield – your eyes.  Therefore, always look for a great pair of sunglasses that block the sunlight from not only the front, but the sides as well.

When wearing sunglasses that block sunlight from the periphery, however, note that vision is blocked as well.  Therefore when driving and performing activities, it’s best that one is extremely careful or change eyewear during those times when looking through periphery is a must which brings us to the next item —

Find a Wrap Frame

If you can, find sunglasses that wrap the face. Instead of purchasing sunglasses that sit out from the face, be sure that the sunglasses are as close to the face as possible.  This is accomplished with a wrap frame. Wrap sunglasses come in many brand names, one of the most popular – Oakley Sunglasses. Not only do they protect eyes from the sun well, but they also tend to fit snug on the face, preventing damaging rays from entering via the top, bottom, sides.

Sunglasses Lenses Should Be Polarized

Finally, be certain that the lenses in the sunglasses are polarized. Whether the lenses are being custom made or on being purchased as is on the shelf, having polarized lenses protects eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays A, B, and C both in the snow and in summer. Another great thing about polarized lenses is that they can be worn indoors and one can see just fine though the lenses could be very dark. Polarized also comes in a multitude of colors from yellow to gray.

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