Progressive Eyeglass Lenses – More Than 3 Reasons Why You May Need Them!

by admin on 17/04/2009

Find out if wearing progressive multifocal lenses is the right choice for you!

So let’s say that you have gotten your first prescription from your trusted eye doctor.  The reason that you went in to see the Optometrist or Ophthalmologist in the first place was because you couldn’t see as clearly as you did in your thirties or twenties.  Objects simply seem to fade or fuzz up during certain activities, leaving you with increased problems and a dim outlook on life in general.  You need glasses right away, but what type of lens is best for your condition?  If thinking of a progressive lens, there are three great reasons, and a few more, why you may want to give them a shot.

Three fields of vision!  This is all you need in one pair of glasses.  No, progressives are not for everyone, however, if having a difficult time with seeing items at arm’s length as well as reading and distance, a progressive lens may be the answer.  Below are some things that may prove that a progressive be the lens for you.

– Desire to only have one pair of glasses

– Not wanting to continuously change eyeglasses to read, see afar etc

– Need for enhanced computer vision, or intermediate vision

– Smoother appearance of lenses in eyewear (no-line bifocal)

– Younger, more youthful, look in comparison to the line bifocal

Visit your local Optician for more details on the many choices in the progressive style lens.

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