Safety Glasses Require Proper Inscription And Thickness!

by admin on 19/10/2011

As an Optician, one will encounter various safety glasses needs from patients who work in industries requiring protective eyewear, and some of those patients need prescription safety eyeglasses.  Safety glasses must have a safety inscription which verifies to any inspector that the eyewear is of the proper thickness to protect the patient.  Safety glasses come with or without side shields, and an Optician must always ask the customer what his work requires.

When preparing lenses for someone who desires safety lenses, the only difference in preparation will be the thickness at the center of the lens which must meet quality ANSI standards, and the inscription must be visible to the ‘naked’ eye on the outside of the lenses near the temple as to not interfere with the patient’s vision.

Safety glasses can be made as single vision or multifocal.  In fact, some patients such as painters, may need a segment for near vision on top and bottom of the lenses as the painting profession requires great vision below and above.  Opticians must not only be able to sell prescription safety eyewear, but also obtain information about the patient’s occupation that will be best for the job.

For those who don’t need prescription safety glasses, there are many different types to choose from quickly online, including safety glasses to fit OVER many prescription eyewear.

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