What Is So Great About Flex Frames?

by admin on 13/04/2009

Flexibility is the best quality in a flex frame. When speaking of a flex frame, one is describing the type of eyeglass frame that is so flexible that with some of them, one can nearly ball it up in the palm of your hand and it will pop back out exactly as it was prior to your deranging it. Because of this frame’s flexibility, it is much more difficult to break in comparison to frames that aren’t flexible.

Many of the flex frames are also Titanium which only adds to their superior quality of being fabulous as Titanium frames don’t rust nor do they corrode. Titanium eyeglass frames are also hypoallergenic, so for those people who are allergic to nickel, copper and other metals, Titanium is right up their alley.

Another wonderful feature about them is that they are light weight. Sure there are some people who like to “feel” their glasses on their faces, however, for the most part this isn’t the case. Most want their frames to be a part of their bodies without the sensation of them weighing down on their faces. Flex frames are some of the lightest frames on the market, and well worth the wear.

Finally, flex frames are great for children! With the way children jump up and down, bouncing here and all around, their frames are liable to fall off, get stepped on and whatever else may happen during their normal days of play. This is exactly why, despite the fact that they may be more expensive, they are the correct buy for highly active young children.

Very important – Don’t confuse flex frames with flex hinge frames. These are two totally different types of eyeglass frames.

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