Why EYEWEAR For Many Professions Means Getting It Right To SAVE LIVES

by admin on 15/12/2016

For the most part, when we think of eyewear as Opticians, we should always think about the best possible solution for each individual that can diminish stress and strain on the eyes while at the same time give them optimal vision throughout the course of their days, at work and play.  Many times, we want to introduce eyewear that can cover a multitude of problem areas in one or two pair of glasses.

For instance, there may be a customer who needs bifocals, however doesn’t want the line and is bothered by seriously glare but can’t wear progressives and atop all this wants to look and feel good while skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer, plus she tends to a garden each and every day.  It’s her pride and joy.

As an Optician, we should already have various solutions for this customer based off of a simple conversation because it is in this conversation that lies the solution to protect her eyes from the obvious sun and glare damage that comes with her daily, active life.  The one thing all Opticians should ask is what do you do daily, or what is your job description, in order to gauge the tailor made sale for the customer.

There is an article written in NECN about airline pilots and their crucial need for eyewear that protects them against major blinding lasers as they land the aircraft.  The lasers are so bad that if it lands in the pilot’s field of vision, it is blinding, thus they aren’t able to safely land the aircraft.  It has been a problem, however, with mostly every problem , there is a solution, especially with eyewear.

In a clip from the article:

“What goes through your mind is, “Am I going to be able to complete this flight safely? How am I going to land when I can’t see?’” Capt. Robert Hamilton said on behalf of the Air Line Pilots Association in a 2014 FBI public service campaign about the seriousness of laser strikes.

As you can see just by this statement, pilots need eyewear that can protect them from accidental blindness that can occur from laser beams, and according to the article, it is Revision’s Lazrbloc Technology with coral colored lenses that have the potential to block up to 99 percent of infrared and green laser energy.

It is information like this that Opticians must stay on top of in order to service even people in the most specialized fields.  When we get down to the bottom of it, the right eyewear for surgeons, painters, construction workers, engineers, and even pilots SAVE LIVES.

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