Is Ocularist The Right Career For You?

by admin on 27/06/2010

One of the more lightly discussed fields pertaining to anything ocular is the field of the Ocularist. An Ocularist is one who works with ophthalmologists, and they are the professionals that someone with a specific ocular condition would one be referred to for a prostheses, or fake eye/ eye part. The specific ocular condition that an Ocularist would come into play for would be a condition in which a person has lost a whole or portion of the eye, thus needing to mask the non-functioning or missing eye.

The American Society of Ocularists has an abundance of information on how and individual could get started in a specialized career such as this one, and despite the massive amount of skill required in this particular field, a person only needs to apprentice to being in this career. Finding an approved ocularist is the first step for anyone desiring this career, just as one would need to find a licensed optician in order to become a licensed optician through apprenticeship.

Next, the apprentice would take on the studies of an ocularist which is learning how to paint, fit, shape an artificial eye(s).  The amount of time one must spend studying as an apprentice is five years and complete 750 credits offered by the ASO Education Program.  Once all is complete, one is officially an Ocularist.

Learn more at the American Society of Ocularists.

Despite the fact that it takes just as long apprenticing to become an Ocularist as it does getting a full blown Bachelor’s degree from a University, it does pay of and pay off well.  One can stand to make between $80,000 to over $100,000 per year, and this is very good for a career founded outside of college.

As far as a shortage of work, there shouldn’t be a shortage at all.  Unfortunately, accidents happen every day and eye diseases and surgical mistakes occur on a daily basis, and in the end, the need for Ocularist is in demand.

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