Triage – Exactly What Is It And Why?

by admin on 06/02/2010

Have you ever been on the patient end of things and wondered why you have sat for three hours in the emergency room and others who had signed in after you were seen nearly promptly?  Well, there is a reason, and it’s a very good one.  The purpose of this out of order procedure that seems to be in disarray to many except those in healthcare is to ensure that the most serious ailments are taken care of first.  This procedure has a name, and it is called triage.

So now we know how simple triage basically is – take the worst situations first.  One serious question about triage though is how does one know this in an eye care profession and who makes that call?  For the most part, to answer that question, it is the doctor who sets up triage practices in his or her office.  Triage that is generally understood in eyecare offices as as emergencies are trauma, severe pain, excessive floaters all at once, blindness, chemical burns etc are serious business and must be seen ahead of every person who may already be there for healthy or routine visits such as eyeglasses prescriptions, contacts, or screenings as follow-ups to a particular disease such as diabetes who are generally seen every 6 months if things are normal.

All this being stated, triage is generally understood by most patients whenever it happens to occur in offices whether they know the proper term for it or not.  Sure, there will be some who insist that triage is unfair, however, an emergency is an emergency.

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