mGeek Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Ethically Produced New Computer Glasses

mGeek Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Ethically Produced New Computer Glasses

13/08/2021 Off By admin

Right out of Poland is a brand new startup by mGeek, an independent eyewear brand, that is being funded through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. They have launched the only lenses in the entire world that are ethically produced and molded from natural melanin.

The mGeek eyewear are unisex and handmade, flitering only harmful blue light so that only the beneficial rays of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass through using a process called intelligent blue light filtering.

Find mGeek here on Kickstarter.

What is Blue Light?

And now about blue light and why it needs to be filtered. Blue light is the light from the electromagnetic spectrum that makes the brain think it’s daytime when it’s not. Getting that type of blue light at the wrong time can cause health issues because the body only produces certain necessary hormones in a relaxed, sleep state, such as melatonin. If the body thinks it’s daytime, then it can’t function properly because it needs to know it’s nighttime, thus, the circadian rhythm, or the body’s natural day and night rhythm, is messed up.

Blue light is necessary but only when one needs to actually be awake. So if it’s needed sometimes, then why is it so dangerous other times. It depends on where on the spectrum the blue light falls. This most dangerous type is said to be the high energy visible blue light.

The great thing about filtering out blue light as the eyewear from mGeek is that it filters out the dangerous blue light that passes straight back to the retina. Those rays may be directly correlated with the retinal disease macular degeneration and other blinding eye diseases.

Having eyewear the effectively filters it out is quite awesome.