Opticians are all about eyes and eyeglasses and how to bring optimal vision to our customers and patients.  While we are doing this, there is more and more technology on the rise that we must become aware of, such as this possibly fast and up and coming EYE SECURITY for our cellular phones.

According to CNET, we will all soon be able to unlock our phones with our IRIS.  Here is a clip of the article:

Here’s how it works: Iris scanners use your phone’s front-facing camera to scan your eyes and then keep the data in a secure part of the phone as a password. You can then use your eyes to unlock the phone or make mobile payments. It’s the kind of spy-tech security measure highlighted in futuristic flicks like “Minority Report” that make you feel like a secret agent.

These iris scanners don’t sound too bad, right? On one hand, this is a great thing, however, on the other end, it could continue to pose detriment to overall eye health from the Optician’s standpoint.  This is because there is still the growing problem of back light from cellular phones causing glare problems to a large number of people in the world, resulting in eye fatigue, stress and pain, from school children on up.  This is exactly the reason why opticians push eye protection in the form of eyewear – because of the dangers the radiation/waves emitted from such sources can have on vision.

When there is already evidence that supports a cell phone should be kept as far away from the eyes as possible, the question is – could an iris scanner potentially created a greater threat to the eyes?  There isn’t an answer to this yet from medical professionals as this technology hasn’t become common yet, however, we should always, as Opticians, make patients aware of the potential side effects caused by cell phone usage, no matter how great the technology.

For more information on this EYE opening information, visit CNET.

Besides the possibly detrimental side of this technology, what is great about it is the fact that everyone will become more educated on how unique their eyes are, even more the fingerprints.  Of course, the more educated and informed our public, the more understanding they will become whenever in contact with eye specialists who are engaging with them to protect something as wonderful as their eyesight.

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