How To Become An Optician In the United States of America

How To Become An Optician In the United States of America

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An Optician is an eyeglass specialist who is quite similar to a pharmacist except they fill a prescription for glasses and ensure its safety before a patient wears them.

The first step towards becoming a Licensed Optician is to become certified nationally and then licensed. Doing this requires passing the ABO examination, or American Board of Opticianry Exam. For one to actually pass this, however, there must be a thorough knowledge of optics which can be gained through school or working with an Optician in stores or offices that specialize in eyeglasses where one can apprentice.

Depending on where you live, certification and licensing guidelines may vary. Check with your own state.

Places such as Lenscrafters, Target and many more actually have apprenticeship programs to help you train and pass the ABO to become an Optician, certified or licensed. Licensed Opticians must have at least two years of apprenticeship under their belt after passing the national certification exam, which requires having a high school diploma/GED and be of legal age, and then move on to the open book licensing hands on exam.

Know that your license does not go from state to state. If one moves, one must become licensed to practice in that particular state. A certified optician, however, does not have to retake the exam upon moving state to state. They are covered nationally.

  • American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners This is the location to register to take the test and keep the status of your license or certification up to date. They provide handbooks that provide the basic information necessary to take the test, about the test and explaining the credentials as an Optician.