How to Become an Optician Online

How to Become an Optician Online

04/08/2021 Off By admin

How to become an Optician online happens to be a common question, however, there is absolutely no way that one can become an optician online due to the fact that one must pass a national and state board for both the certification and licensing examinations respectively to become an Optician.

Becoming a certified optician requires study and know how in order to pass the optician’s certification exam through the American Board of Opticianry who sends all the paperwork required to register for the test given at specific times during the year. One must also have at least a high school diploma. Some colleges offer courses to be become an Optician as well.

There are Optician study guides that will assist anyone who desires Optician as a career to pass the national board, however, to become a licensed optician, one must actually perform hands on work with a lensometer/lensmeter and other equipment, adjust frames, as well as know trigonometry along with taking a test in order to become licensed.

Basically, there is no way to become an optician online legally. There are, however, opticians online that can give advice and assistance with passing examinations. As the owner of, I have been a certified optician for over ten years, having worked in lab and on retail floor as well as doctor’s offices under both Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, coming in contact with varies eye diseases, conditions, issues with eyewear, frames and lenses. Being a nationally certified optician, the certification follows me all over the United States, however, a licensed Optician must pass the board in each state they would like to practice.

My suggestion for anyone wanting to become an optician online is to instead apprentice under a licensed optician in a doctor’s office or retail eyewear chain. Doing this provides the opportunity to learn Opticianry ins and outs as well as a door to become a licensed or certified optician. Other than that, there are optician school programs available in each state.