How To Make More Money As Optician

by admin on 20/12/2011

There are several points that can definitely make any Optician, certified or licensed, worth more money, thus, increasing their Optician salary.  One of the most obvious is advancing your knowledge, or becoming an advanced Certified Optician, becoming licensed or even going for ABO Masters Program.

The least obvious items that would create an increase in Optician Salary would be positioning oneself beyond sales and dispensing which is a major part of Opticianry.  The below could potentially bring $10,000 to $20,000 more dollars toward any Optician’s salary once mastered:

  • Pre-fabrication and fabrication of lenses in laboratory
  • Increase sales conversions to 95%
  • Know diversity
  • Learn to refract and evaluate patients
  • Learn how to fit/teach contact lenses
  • Pass the NCLE

Some of these items, especially assisting the physician with patient care beyond the prescription will make an Optician more valuable, more an asset to any company and clinic, thus, increasing an Optician’s salary.  This could even place an Optician in the position of becoming a Opthalmic Tech and contact lens certified.

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