Know Your Metrics As An Optician!

by admin on 17/05/2009

Unfortunately, all of the math from middle and high school come into play when an Optician, therefore, one must reach way back and remember simple conversions or relearn all of it. The metric system is the way things are measured in this optical profession across the board.  There is absolutely no way possible to obtain success as an Optician without understanding this simple rule of measuring.

The meter is the unit of measure used in any ophthalmic practice.

millimeter(mm), centimeter (cm),  decimeter(dm), meter(m)

Milli – 1000   centi- 100  deci- 10  meter 1

1.)  2 meters = 2000 millimeters.

2.)  3.2 decimeters = .32 meters

The way to convert meter to decimeters and so on is the placement of the decimal point.  Move the decimal point  to the right if converting the larger unit to a smaller unit.  Move the decimal to the left if converting the smaller unit to a larger unit.

5000 mm = 500.0 cm = 50.00 dm = 5 m

3.)  450 mm =45.0 cm= 4.5 dm = .45 m

Practice this as much as possible, and always remember the decimal rule up top.  This is crucial in even calculating prism as one coverts cm and mm.

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