How To Become An Optician And Make Money In Optician Apprenticeship!

by admin on 09/04/2009

Learn how to become an Optician while making money working in an Optician’s apprenticeship!

An Optician is an eyeglass specialist who is quite similar to a pharmacist except they fill a prescription for glasses and ensure its safety before a patient wears them. The first step towards becoming an Optician is to become certified nationally. Doing this requires passing the ABO examination, or American Board of Opticianry Exam. For one to actually pass this, however, there must be a through knowledge of optics which can be gained through working with an Optician in stores or offices that specialize in eyeglasses.

The salaries of Opticians vary from place to place.  The income could fall in the range of 24,000 per year to 60,000 per year as Opticians can fall in positions of management, retail with or without commission, or work in a doctor’s office.  The salary can even go beyond 60,000 as there are many corporate positions with various retail chains such as Target, Lenscrafters and Wal-mart and even owning your own store as a licensed optician.  Certified Optician generally don’t have the legal power to own a store of their own as licensed, however, all states have different guidelines for Opticianry.

Places such as Lenscrafters, Target and many more actually have apprenticeship programs to help you train and pass the ABO to become an Optician, certified or licensed.  Licensed Opticians must have at least two years of apprenticeship under their belt, pass the national  certification exam and then move on to the open book licensing hands on exam.  It is good to know that your license does not go from state to state.  If one moves, one must become licensed to practice in that particular state.

Get The Tools Needed For Any Economy!

Get The Tools Needed For Any Economy!

Opticianry is a career that is actually full of all the natural things in life that bring enjoyment which makes it a pain free way to make a living in healthcare.  Opticians keep up with the latest styles and brands in eyewear and contacts as well as have the great duty of pointing those who may not know in the right direction as far as their own personal look and style.  Not only that, conversation is great in the field of Opticianry as no conversation is alike due to the fact that anyone from the elderly to the young need assistance with vision, therefore, Opticians are able to give back to the community in their career through helping people see better while learning much from a variety of people.  Feeling that sense of accomplishment while making money goes a long way!

Therefore, if you want to make money and love doing it, do so as an Optician.

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