Opticians Must Know How To Reduce Eye Strain With Simple Techniques & Great Eyewear

Opticians Must Know How To Reduce Eye Strain With Simple Techniques & Great Eyewear

09/08/2021 Off By admin

People get the feeling that their eyes are going bad on them every single day, around the world. We live in the age of technology with cell phones and computers. Even reading is available on these electronic devices in the form of digital, or ebooks. There’s no wonder why people are complaining more and more about tired, weak and heavy feeling on their eyes. It’s because of a large amount of screen time!

So what to do when eyes are going through something terrible due to the continuous computer work at the office and at home? There are a couple of things that could reduce the eye fatigue and strain that may come about from computer glare and overall tired eyes.

  • Get rid of all the glare on your computer screen. This can be done by using something called a glare filter on the screen or by purchasing anti-reflective lenses inside your eyewear. The absolute best antireflective lenses come with Scotchgard as it is easy to clean and barely leaves any fingerprints. On top of that, anti-reflective lenses allow one to see better as more light is able to enter into the eye and not be reflected away. Because this type lens allows one to see better, it reduces eye fatigue, strain and glare, thus, making for a more productive work day.
  • Dim the light/backlight – reduce the light on the computer screen or cell phone screen, making it a little darker. Even televisions cause issues with eye strain nowadays. Therefore, dim the backlight to ease the strain of glare on your eyes.
  • Reposition the computer – position the computer monitor directly in front of you. Instead, move it over a little so that it is to the right or left, but not so far that it is uncomfortable.
  • Get some shut eye time at while sitting in front of the computer. No, that doesn’t mean go to sleep, however, it does mean rest your eyes. Take a break from focusing at such close a distance and get some distance vision rest by activities that require looking at or beyond 20 feet.
  • Try polarized lenses. The great thing about polarized lenses is that they cancel out all glare and even indoors, wearers can see just as clear as if they were wearing clear lenses. Therefore, whenever outside or indoors, it’s absolutely fine to wear polarized lenses, even when reading.

Remember…your eyes are worth the royal treatment. Don’t forget that if none of these minor adjustments work, refer the patient to an eye doctor as a slight change in prescription(Rx) may be needed.