Should Opticians Also Function as Optical Laboratory Technicians?

Should Opticians Also Function as Optical Laboratory Technicians?

23/08/2021 Off By admin

Not all Opticians have had the great experience of working in the back or behind that glass window where the pre-fabrication and fabrication of lenses takes place, however, starting in the laboratory is a great place. Not only does it give the Optician step by step rules it comes to lens fabrication, but it also adds to their hands on experience when it comes to the entire craft. This is something that simply can’t be totally grasped inside of a book.

Base curves to laps, generators to edgers and coatings and polishing, all of these things transform a lens blank to a brilliant visual aid for those needing magnification. Laboratory technicians are the people that are generally unseen, but do an awesome work. Some of these technicians are Opticians, however, many are not, but this is the perfect place for someone desiring to become certified or licensed to get their start in Optics – an Optician and a Laboratory Technician rolled up into one!

The work is very detailed, and one must learn to use equipment nearly one thousand times bigger than a screw driver, but it is well worth the wealth of knowledge an Optician can take away from the experience.

For example, if an Optician is a manager of a retail chain that has a laboratory attached to it, it would be a great help if when things get backed up that managing Optician would know how to help laboratory staff that is short on help or running behind to meet customer satisfaction. Without that laboratory knowledge, it is a hopeless case.

Therefore, to answer the question of the laboratory being the proper place for an Optician, well, the answer is always yes. Especially in the beginning of that Optician’s career as it could open up more than just a couple of doors…such as Laboratory Manager in the future!