Six Things You Need To Know To Pass Opticianry Exam!

by admin on 15/10/2011

There are six things one must know in order to pass the Opticianry examination, both national and state licensing boards, to move on a find an Optician job for a start in a great Optician career. For the

licensing state test, there are other mandatory items such as trigonometry and hands on performance before judges that are needed yet not needed for the national Opticianry certification examination. One must, however, become certified first if desiring to be licensed, and there are six things one must know in order to pass the National Opticianry Certification Examination first.

1. Know the electromagnetic spectrum, where the visible light falls within the spectrum, infrared to UV rays, what they do and how they interact with the eyes and influence eyesight. Opticians must know the wavelengths in nanometers of the rays and where they land in respect to each other on the light spectrum, especially the visible light specturm.

2. Know how to calculate prism as well as understand how prism works along with the results of a patient having prism in their eyewear.

3. Know your metrics, how to convert mm to cm or decimeters. Conversions are crucial to problem solving in Opticianry.

4. Know frame measurements and frame materials such as acetate, titanium, steel, and how to adjust them with and without heat. Also know which frame materials are best for particular patients such as patients allergic to nickel would do best with a titanium or plastic frame.

5. Know base curves of lenses. When given a particular prescription, what base curve of lens should be used to make the glasses.

6. Know how to use the lensometer (lensmeter) and know the lensometer parts and what those parts are used for.

Of course, all these items generally fall within the range of the certification examination, and anyone taking the exam should have more than just memorization skills. An Optician to be must be have a working knowledge of these items for different situations that will pop up on the exam. A clear understanding of glasses and patients is a must when taking the certification examination.

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