Learn And Teach Patients How To Properly Use Line Bifocals!

by admin on 19/05/2011

Learn how to wear and use line bifocal lenses. For first time line bifocal wearers, it can be slight adjustment getting used to seeing the world through them, but all opticians must know how to teach patients to use line bifocals, or ST-28s, 35s or D segments, therefore, learn how to teach your patients inside!

Generally, it takes more than one day, at times, to get accustomed to using line bifocals, but it is very possible to turn frustration into pleasure when having to wear line bifocal lenses.  Below is information useful for both the the bifocal wearer and optician to use to assist them with bifocal wear.

Ask the patient to place the eyewear on his face properly and comfortably. Be certain that the frame isn’t’ too tight nor too loose as this will complicate things as the day goes by. If it needs to be fitted or adjusted, as the Optician do so. It is most important when a patient is wearing bifocals that the frames are fitted to their comfort and satisfaction as too much adjustment to the frame will result in a improper bifocal seg height.

Once it is sitting properly on the patient’s face, tell him to stare straight ahead at an object about twenty feet away from where you are standing, or basically, in the distance. While he looks ahead naturally, if the line from the bifocal is visible or if the patient is staring through the segment of the bifocal while he is staring straight ahead, then the bifocal height needs to be lowered. The optician can choose to either adjust the nosepads etc or the entire pair of eyewear would need to be redone.

Next, without the patient bending his head down, tell him to only drop his eyes as if reading something. Actually, have a book or reading card in your hand, and place this at the distance the patient would normally read. If the words come in clearly on the card or book, then the bifocals are the right strength and in the proper location. When the patient looks back up in the distance, he should not see the bifocal at all!

Finally, ask the patient to move his eyes from side to side to read each line on the reading card or book. This is to be certain that there are no waves or prism. Also, when walking and climbing stairs, advise the patient to never look through the bifocal! This is the only time when it is necessary for a line bifocal wearer to drop his head to look down though the distance portion of the lenses, not the bifocal! Looking through the bifocal will cause a bifocal wearer to fall or trip as the floor is magnified and raised through the lenses.

To review the proper procedure of bifocal wear, it’s a great idea for a beginning optician to practice wearing a couple of minutes to see how certain angles may effect vision for the patient, such as with a wrap frame. Remember that vision above the line bifocal is for distance vision only. Vision through the line bifocal is for reading, or near vision.

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