What Is a Great Price For Prescription Eyewear?

What Is a Great Price For Prescription Eyewear?

11/08/2021 Off By admin

Whenever a customer or patient enters the retail area of a doctor’s office or a retail chain, sometimes the person’s first thought when it comes to purchasing a complete pair of eyeglasses – how much should I spend?

For the Optician, when assisting someone in need of eyewear, it’s not about selling. If that were the case, Opticians wouldn’t be armed with all the information and tools necessary to provide the person with the ideal optical eyewear that fits into their lifestyle as well as overall all look and attitude.

Providing the proper eyewear fitting is more than just selling something, but it is actually awarding the patient with a healthy and unique way to improve their lives and vision. This is priceless!

There is no price too expensive for making your life easier when you can see and feel better. From reminiscing over old photographs to reading best selling novels, the need for great vision may be sometimes overlooked and taken for granted.

There is a horrible price to pay if one goes too cheap for eyewear, for instance, when a person has serious blinding, glare issues, such as a truck driver may have being that he must drive against the sun on a regular basis. People who drive at night may have glare issues from car lights as well. These people must never settle for the least expensive pair of eyewear because the eyewear will lack antireflective coating and even polorization, which could create a mountain of legal and medical issues down the line – mainly from car accidents due to blinding glare impeding vision.

It is the duty of the Optician to guide a patient with as much factual information as possible to determine the proper eyewear, and price should have nothing to do with it. Meet the needs of the patient as much as possible.

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A great price for eyewear is whatever the price to help a patient achieve optimal vision.