What Is An Optician Salary?

by admin on 20/12/2011

An Optician’s salary can be largely based off of experience and know how which comes from working, or apprenticing, under another Optician in an atmosphere where one gets plenty of exposure to eyewear duties such as patient interaction, laboratory (making the eyewear), and adjustments for various frame and lenses issues to use of the lensmeter, or lensometer.

There are community colleges that award to degrees to those who choose to go that route, however, some of the best learning and training that I encountered was through being an apprentice.

As far as the salary of an Optician, certified Opticians will more than likely make less that a licensed Optician due to the fact that the Certified Optician in most states (not all) require “supervision” or must have a licensed Optician or doctor in the office with them in order to legally perform their duties. Licensed Opticians will earn more money because they need no supervision and can work independently with their own store, thus, managing themselves.

An Optician’s salary can range from as low as $26,000 to over $65, 000 depending on, as stated above, experience.  I have found that they more I was able to do in my profession, the more money I was worth.  For instance, a certified Optician who knows how to make eyewear in a laboratory, sell eyewear, dispense, give great quality inspections, decrease loss and increase sales, and even refract for the eye doctor prior to the Ophthalmologist or Optometrist’s full examination is worth far more money than the Optician who can only sell and dispense the finished eyewear product.

I say these things because I am that Optician who started at the bottom and eventually was able to assist physicians with minor surgeries and refract, thus, functioning as an Ophthalmologists Technologist as well as Optician, becoming one of the higher paid Opticians in my area.

That being stated, learn more on how to capitalize on your career to earn more money and increase your Optician salary.

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