What Is Photophobia & How Can Opticians Help?

What Is Photophobia & How Can Opticians Help?

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Photophobia is a sensitivity to light that can make it unbearable and even disturbingly painful, and it can have several causes which can be diagnosed by a patient’s physician or ophthalmologist.

Some ocular diagnoses that could cause temporary or long term photophobia include:

  • Corneal Abrasions
  • Dry Eyes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Retinal Abnormalities
  • Cataracts
  • Medication Side Effects

Tackling the issue of photophobia can be complex when it comes to selecting the perfect eyewear for someone who suffers from photophobia, and not all solutions will work. There is, however, one great way to start is through the use of polarized, wrap sunglasses with anti-reflective coating or sunglasses with a very dark tint.

Anytime someone is highly sensitive to light, no matter what, they still need light in order to see. Here is where the problem comes, and sunglasses are a solution to at least ease the photophobia, not cure it.

Polarized lenses and anti-reflective coating allow for the best natural indoor vision while protecting the photophobic wearer from indoor lighting. As far as tinted lenses, although the tint blocks out light it also removes the natural tone of the surroundings. There are also Transitions lenses as well that will darken when the patron moves from indoors to outdoors.

Therefore, depending on where, why and what the patients needs are as far as photophobia, either choice would help decrease the agony of light sensitivity. Many times, a patient may need multiple types of sunglasses depending on their daily activities and hobbies. This is why opticians must ask the proper questions when fitting each individual person with eyewear. If necessary, a quick call to the ophthalmologist to determine more on the diagnoses may help to determine the best possible solution for an individual’s photophobia needs.